Tuesday, March 22, 2011

stress level

according to my title.....im in the stress level now...jobless...hoping Telkom call me for interview. Six called that i have for an interview in different companies but i ignored it .I almost doing the same thing everyday...yup...makeup.And u deserve to see it... :)

Here's the makeup inspired by Klaire de Lys, she is an amazing girl,she talented n has a great art of makeup art. Yes, its not look 100% same with her and of course she did better than me..but some of my friends likes this,,,they said...good job tari..so happy to hear that.. :)

I think, this is the coolest makeup art i ever made,,,just a simple butterfly on my outer corner of my eyes made my eyes so cute and simple..but i really ur worked hard to do this, its not easy to draw somtehing in your eyes not like u draw on paper....here's two pictures i took (but i have about 20 photos for this look :D). Is it beautiful as the real butterfly???

And this looked is inspired from Klaire de Lys too,,u can see in youtube video name chinesse ***** (im forgot :( ). My lil sist wanted some diferrent makeup for her twitter and she choose this look. Its took 1 hour to set the diamond in her face. I got this diamond from sticker blink blink for phone which is used to popular last year, and i just still have a new..so i peel off that sticker one by one and stick it up to my lil sister face :D. How much score for this look? i bet 7 ...hahaha

This one is the creepiest look..ahahha...but i do love it,,,u see how same iam with the real cat??(infortunately im not took a photo with my cat :D yes im scared..haha)