Saturday, January 28, 2012

Im blogging with my iphone just trying to posting my blog in my iphone.thx uuu..wait for my new post,...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

welcome back my dearest blog....

hei hello haiiiiii.......
my last update is 2011 which i posted some confusion statement...hahahha so lame right? :D
and yes im working at the bank now, so greatful finally im making money, no need to depend on my parents anymore.Talk about my hobby, i've been making my project during the hibernation time in this's some photo that i made...enjoy it ;)'s my photos when i graduated last year,that makeup is by me...never expected that my friends really like my makeup and my lips especially, why?cause i used very red lipstick called oriental red by revlon and that time people never brave to set that colour the only one who bravely used very red lipstick.And yes,,,i applied double fake nuts..hahaha...but you see its really made my eyes completely gorgeous. And i used smokey gold and black and made a fake crease so my eyes look open. I almost forgot about this event,,but nothing much i can say about this celebration...just...same old guys :D

 That picture was taken by my lil sist before the party started. I was so happy because my makeup was made by MAC...i admit it that MAC soooo awesome, all staff work professional and made my look is stunning that night. And i proud to my self that my dress was designed by ME...i made backless kebaya with ribbon belt behind... :)
that is my cousin....and me (right)
on July 2011,, my brother was married with makassar girl. I have some funny story about that. Lets called mrs. S is from makassar, she is very bossy and has very thick dialect. I dont know but i dont wanna be a stereotype to assess anybody just from some province but i must say that the east people has very "unique" type like how they talk,how they has body language...but maybe other people out of java could think the same. So the party was so brutal because of mrs. S was blaming my family.hahaha.....i know thats not funny :D.

and thats my friend wedding party shabrina, she is a daughter ministry of telecommunication called MENKOMINFO. I had very great night with my classmate biologi 43 love that night...and i love my friends too...xoxox
soo...we gonna go to see my makeup we go

Back to the old Lady Gaga which the second hits "Just Dance" see that lady gaga has a thunder sign in her chin?so i made the same but with a lil variation on my lips,,,im wearing a blue lipstick.Its weird but really electric look. Many compliment i got from this look,,its simple, quick and easy but yet gorgeous... :p

Long story short, i was listening song by Aqua "Barbie Girl" and my look is inspired by that song..
The key of this look is from the eyes. Use a barbie contact eyes and line your under eyes with white pencil. I made a fake crease so my eyes looks very deep. With extreme lashes and red lips my look set perfecty. And i made this tutorial to youtube. Check it out