Friday, April 1, 2011

there is no love in this world,,,,thats just ruin ur life..

why i said that?
because...we live in the unfair world. we cant get what we want and what we need,,,there is always someone who control ur life..only Allah SWT.
Just me and Allah which is really know about myself....not my parents, not my lil sister or even my boyfriend (ooops,,,,im still have a boyfriend..sorry)..
do you think, if a crazy people who have a problem in her psychological is her fault??i mean all fault its because of her??or u think the other people sway her psychological?? yes...we have 2 decision about this, one is her and two is the other people...
example : Atret is the oldest crazy people in west java...of course we think that he crazy not because of himself...when he was young, he wanted a motorcycle but his parents cant afford it, because he really wanted that motorcycle so mad, he just lost his control (crazy) untill now,,,he always thinking that he riding a motorcycle..
what do u wanna say???shouldnt he crazy??he should??i dont think so.....all that he wanted is UNDERSTANDING...just more.....
so please,,,,i just need to be happy...happy with the person who i love,,why u doing this to me??
am i made mistake?? or ur mistake make u like a crazy stalker protector or what??
plis i just need a happy life NOW....really i cant hold it,,,its really make me traumatic for being someone who have a lover,,,im not doing that again...i cant,,,or maybe i can after the 20 years when i get monopause...
just remember the energy law --> there is an action and u made an action and just wait what the reaction is......
u know what??u can give an oath to me.....just know...Allah knows who is right and bad.....

plis allah......protect me, give me a huge temper for nothing without You....i love u more than everything,,,

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

stress level

according to my in the stress level now...jobless...hoping Telkom call me for interview. Six called that i have for an interview in different companies but i ignored it .I almost doing the same thing u deserve to see it... :)

Here's the makeup inspired by Klaire de Lys, she is an amazing girl,she talented n has a great art of makeup art. Yes, its not look 100% same with her and of course she did better than me..but some of my friends likes this,,,they said...good job happy to hear that.. :)

I think, this is the coolest makeup art i ever made,,,just a simple butterfly on my outer corner of my eyes made my eyes so cute and simple..but i really ur worked hard to do this, its not easy to draw somtehing in your eyes not like u draw on's two pictures i took (but i have about 20 photos for this look :D). Is it beautiful as the real butterfly???

And this looked is inspired from Klaire de Lys too,,u can see in youtube video name chinesse ***** (im forgot :( ). My lil sist wanted some diferrent makeup for her twitter and she choose this look. Its took 1 hour to set the diamond in her face. I got this diamond from sticker blink blink for phone which is used to popular last year, and i just still have a i peel off that sticker one by one and stick it up to my lil sister face :D. How much score for this look? i bet 7 ...hahaha

This one is the creepiest look..ahahha...but i do love it,,,u see how same iam with the real cat??(infortunately im not took a photo with my cat :D yes im scared..haha) 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

my makeup during jobless

hi guys„its a long time since i’ve been so busy for nothing (hehehe)…actually, i was doing like a house wife in my home, yeah its boring…but im happy to helping my mom. Anyway, i created some makeup..really i want to share in here, but seems i always forgot to open my baby tumblr (i should make a bookmark for this web *sigh)..okay lets begin with the first pict.. 
i just want to created some barbie makeup which is michelle phan did it…im not making any variation for this makeup from tutorial but i just mixed two tutorial from michelle into my makeup..u see the 3 dots under my eyes?u can find that in disney wonderland makeup. Overall..i did a great job, right??haha…
the second pict is liltle ridicilous and the important is i was angry because of my nephew screwed up…here it is
see?kid behind me?she always mess with me, but however„,i love her :)
by the way about this makeup, i brought a new scarf..its very very gorgeous with colours are red, deep blue n white. So i decided to made a makeup with my own idea..i too not really like this makeup because the shape of my eyes weird..but really nice with the colours :). check out for the next picture
i dont know but i really like this makeup, looks naturally like i didnt touch anything except false lashes..its called sexy natural…just applied pink blush on the apple my chick and put the nude lipstick on my lips…mmm by the way..i have a new eyebrows..its look sharpen and liltle helping to hide my circle face :D
i took this picture after i went to my grandma’s house…but i did some touch up on my face..just put a white shimmer eyeshadow in the inner corner of my eyes so thats made my eyes like bright..i was pretty cute that say..i dont know…hahaha…
and the next photos…
i know this creepy :( , but someday im gonna wear this hijab…and i just tried to make some funky moslem..whatt???yeah..i was wondering if i wear this hijab early, because my father begging me to wear hijab as soon as posible….its really a big decision beside i love my hair but i love moslem…i just dont have strong enough “iman”. Funny, because that day my lil sist joined with me…look
and became wild :D….
oh ya…i learned makeup art too inspired by (im forgot whats her name) but really good and easy to do..
do u like it?? or u scared? :D
and the last makeup that i just did yesterday is….
arabian makeup…..ooh i loves it…!!!
hanya beberapa saat setelah gw bangun pagi…tangan gw langsgung pgen dandan..haha…isnt it weird?? lagi gila dandan abis, video dandan ala michelle phan udah gw donlot semua..tiap hari gw belajar teknik2 dandan yang profesional…and well done for me…gw berhasil dan mungkin sedikit lebih bagus dari michelle phan..haha..
entahlah..mungkin hoby gw telat munculnya…tapi gak ada salahnya juga gw selalu pengen belajar…tapi gak belajar biologi lagi… :(
tapi yang paling penting, gw selalu ingin belajar…ga ngebuang waktu percuma dengan diem di laptop seharian„im doing good now, after my bestfriend left me, they were humiliated me right to my face, but i dont give up..thx friends, wherever u was hurting me, but u gave me some lesson to respect people, to not waste time. Even im aloner now, but im happier than past…thx u so much qutex :)

my name is Lestari Aprilianty Hakim, Ssi

tgl 10 Januari 2011, cowo gw dateng buat nemenin gw sidang skripsi. dan alhamdulillah gw lulus dan menyandang gelar Ssi (sarjana sains) skr. Gw seneng bgt karena dia bisa dateng buat nenangin gw pas mau sidang, semangatin gw. Tapi gw seneng bgt apalagi terkhir dia ngasih tas yang gw pengen di planet surf.makin sayang gw ma u bujas…