Friday, April 1, 2011

there is no love in this world,,,,thats just ruin ur life..

why i said that?
because...we live in the unfair world. we cant get what we want and what we need,,,there is always someone who control ur life..only Allah SWT.
Just me and Allah which is really know about myself....not my parents, not my lil sister or even my boyfriend (ooops,,,,im still have a boyfriend..sorry)..
do you think, if a crazy people who have a problem in her psychological is her fault??i mean all fault its because of her??or u think the other people sway her psychological?? yes...we have 2 decision about this, one is her and two is the other people...
example : Atret is the oldest crazy people in west java...of course we think that he crazy not because of himself...when he was young, he wanted a motorcycle but his parents cant afford it, because he really wanted that motorcycle so mad, he just lost his control (crazy) untill now,,,he always thinking that he riding a motorcycle..
what do u wanna say???shouldnt he crazy??he should??i dont think so.....all that he wanted is UNDERSTANDING...just more.....
so please,,,,i just need to be happy...happy with the person who i love,,why u doing this to me??
am i made mistake?? or ur mistake make u like a crazy stalker protector or what??
plis i just need a happy life NOW....really i cant hold it,,,its really make me traumatic for being someone who have a lover,,,im not doing that again...i cant,,,or maybe i can after the 20 years when i get monopause...
just remember the energy law --> there is an action and u made an action and just wait what the reaction is......
u know what??u can give an oath to me.....just know...Allah knows who is right and bad.....

plis allah......protect me, give me a huge temper for nothing without You....i love u more than everything,,,

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